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Friday, June 22, 2007

Good News

Good news!

I went by my office and the cord I needed was lying on the floor. Apparently I jumped to conclusions when I thought we had a ghost.

Anyway, I'm leaving town tomorrow for a week, so this will be my last post until July. I just wanted to show you these cute little handtowels a friend at work recently made for me. I hope you like them as much as I do!

This is the cute little stack they came in. I love the pink and green, obviously.

Christmas in Dixie...

This is the one for football season-- Mr. Bossy loves his Bulldogs. Personally, I'm an Auburn fan,
but the red and black is cute, so I'll allow it.

There are a few more-- this was a great gift!

Now, back to slaving over a hot washing machine. Have a great week!


My friend at work gave me the cutest towels, which she made. I was so excited about them that I wanted to show them to you! So, yesterday morning I took pictures of them with my camera, found the cord that hooks my camera to the computer, and loaded it all in my tote bag to take to work, so I could update if I had a second.

Well, yesterday was very busy at work, so I didn't have a chance. I didn't even take the stuff out of my bag. When I got home, I decided to try and post the pictures. I pulled out my camera, and there was no cord. I dumped out my whole bag, and nothing. So, I searched my car-- nothing. Who could have moved it?

This morning I am at home, washing clothes and minding my own business. I just went to check on the clothes, and there is an box sitting on the top of the washing machine. Did I put it there? No. Apparently the ghost who turns our fan light on in the middle of the night is back in action.

Dear whoever is moving my stuff-:
Can you bring me that cord back? I really want to show these little towels. Also, if you're going to move stuff around, could you do it in a manner that is a little more helpful? Like unloading the dishwasher? Thank you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Here's what I am wondering lately.

-- Why does my husband shed so much?

-- Why does TiVo keep telling me to "make a daily call soon"?

-- Why don't I have any comfortable brown sandals?

-- Why is my trash can missing?

-- Why do I keep watching The Real World/Road Rules Challenge even though I hate those people with all my heart?

-- Why do people think it's OK to do something rude (like cut in front of you in line) if they acknowledge that they are being rude? "Can I be terrible and cut in front of you?"

-- Why can't I be "genetically blessed" and be skinny?

--Why is is that I have 20/20 vision and can't read any signs that are lit up?

What's plaguing you lately?

Monday, June 18, 2007

An Important Message

Tonight, when I got home from work, I noticed that we had some messages on our answering machine.

I pressed the button, and the first message sounded like this:

"Hello Mr. Bossy, this is yourself. I'm calling to remind you to buy raffle tickets at Party City. You need these for Saturday, so be sure to write it down or you'll forget otherwise. OK, thank you. Bye!"

Now. I am all for leaving myself the reminder message. However, mine to myself are usually like "Bossy. Get tickets", or I might have Mayor call and leave me a message in a scary voice or something. (OK-- that didn't make us look cool. Oops).

But, I have never heard someone leave themselves such a friendly message, and I said as much to Mr. Bossy. As soon as I said "I like how friendly you were to yourself", he instantly replied, "I like me".

Can't argue with that.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A Week With the Mayor

I mentioned in my last post that June was a really busy month for me. I've just gotten back from a week-long conference that I attend every year as a part of my chosen career. I'm leaving again in a week for another trip that is work-related, so I won't have lots to add until July.

But, I wanted to tell you a few key points of my week. Luckily for me, my best friend has also has to attend this conference. (We don't work in the same place, but do the same thing, sort of). Most adults who attend this conference get their own hotel rooms, but we don't, we like to room together. We used to be roommates and so it's more fun this way.

We had a little trouble with our hotel reservations, and were living in fear that we'd get to our room Sunday night and it would be a smoking room with one double bed. Fortunately, our fears were unfounded, and we each had our own bed, and it was a non-smoking room. We even had to sign something saying we wouldn't smoke.

It's a good thing we didn't have to share a bed, because this "double bed" was more like a large twin. I could barely fit on it.

Anyway, this conference is filled to the brim with meetings, votes, and reports. There are about 3000 people there, many of whom are morons.

However, there may not be any bigger morons than the Mayor and I. Here are a few highlights:

Every single time we sat in our chairs, she dropped something.

She lost her sunglasses at least 65 times. Often she would go back and look for them, when they were actually on her person.

We stayed up way too late watching "The X-Effect" on MTV. I'd never
heard of this show before, but it was riveting.

One time during a meeting I was drinking a Diet Coke, and I just spit it out. It was like I was laughing, but I wasn't. I just spit it right out.

We almost died laughing in Publix when her sunglasses fell off her head and a lens just fell out. We never found the lens.

One of us has a sweating problem and spent the better part of the day with toilet paper in the armpits.

The rest of the time was spent discussing/making fun of everyone else there, repeating our same jokes over and over (and laughing every time), eating, and texting my boss, who wasn't usually with us, since he has a good reputation and we're jackasses.

Anyway, I'm glad to be home, although I was a bi-atch to Mr. Bossy about 5 minutes after I saw him. I was just tired. I'm feeling nicer now, and am catching up on my OC reruns that I missed all week.

I hope you're all having a lovely summer! Keep in touch!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Flies in the Buttermilk

I am writing today to inform you of a bad situation around my office. June is a pretty busy month for me, so my writing will be sporadic, but I will certainly write when I have time or something extra-special to share.

There is an epidemic. A disgusting kind.

Fruit Flies.

They seem to be taking over my office. Not just my office, but my whole place of work. My office had two flitting around all day, and you should have seen me trying to kill them by clapping them. It didn't work.

I went down the hall to rinse out my cup, and discovered the place where they seem to be really gathering. We have a workroom with a sink, and there are fruit flies all around it. What no one can figure out is-- where are they coming from? How can we get rid of them? There are no obvious answers.

So... my last post was about my annoyance around the office, but at least at that point I wasn't also being swarmed by bugs. I hope they go away soon, or I may have to take an early retirement.